Why is it that so many men are attracted to the colour red on a woman?

Red is a warm, energising colour that expresses passion, power, danger and sexuality. In some cultures red can also represent good fortune and purity.

In 2 studies by a University Professor Psychologist Dr. Adam Pazda, it was noted that men found women who wore red more sexually attractive due to the perception they where more sexually available. In a seperate study, researcher Nicholas Guéguen showed that waitresses who wore red where more likely to receive higher tips from male customers. Men where also more likely to spend more money on a date when the woman was dressed in red, especially if the women was younger and the men where more likely to direct more intimate questions at them.

A further study hypothesised that women are more likely to wear red during periods of high ovulation while there is a high risk of conception. This was tested in 2013 by researchers Tracey and Beall, who collected self reported data from 100 women in college regarding their ovulation cycles and shirt colours. The reports showed that women who where at a higher level of conception (ovulation) where 3.5x more likely to wear red compared to women who where not ovulating, especially in the 18-22 year age range. Pazda also had further studies showing that while conducting research online, women who wore red on their profile pictures where more likely to be found on hook-up websites looking for casual sex rather than websites aimed at long term relationships and marriage.

While there is still much more research available and being conducted on this subject, it is obvious that the colour red has an affect on human psyche, in both sexes when it comes to our sexual behaviour. When done in the right circumstances, the manipulation of this effect can be fruitful for both men and women to get what they want.